The word “Globalization” come from the word “Globe” it is the process by which different societies, cultures, & regional economies coordinate through a worldwide network of political ideas through transportation, communication, & trade.

Let assume a child who is totally bound in his home & Contrary to this a child who is fully expose in this Modernize world..!!!

So what do you think who is better..???

Definitely a Child who has awareness of this Technical & Modernize world is relatively better then the House bound Child..!!

Now consider this Child as a Country if the Country is not globalize & resist in his own policies & market as that house bound child so there is a minor chances for the prosperity of the Country.

So the History trend conclude that if the Country want to become Economically, Politically & Socially Strong the Country should trade, Communicate & interlinked with the other Countries such phenomenon is said to be “Globalization”.

Let Discuss what actually Globalization is..???

Globalization is a widely broad topic & in this limited time I will just give some key features of Globalization that how countries integrated with each other, what are the benefits & what are the demerits of


Let Start from the background of Globalization Advances in Technology  such as Telephones, Cell phones, Aero planes & the Internet have make the growth of transportation & communication more cheaper & reliable. So it conclude that due to globalization people can exchange goods & information more quickly in a less complicated way.

Green Revolution in Pakistan During 1960s

Green Revolution plan in Pakistan was made by General Ayub Khan when the country was newly born & not have a sufficient appurtenance to run the country. So General step ahead & make several Plans to increase the production of a country so firstly he focus on the agricultural sector & for making its performance better he collaborate with the other countries like America & import the (Sonora Wheat Seeds)  to rise the production of a country.

Sonora seeds are actually made manually by America to export them to Mexico but unfortunately  the seeds were not suitable for the crops of Mexico so then those seeds were exported to Pakistan & the main benefit of Sonora Seed is that it Rise the growth of Crops within the Cultivatable land & so by this lower land was required for Cultivation & Surplus amount of Wheat were Produced

During 1969-1970 Pakistan GDP was increased from 8% to 14% due to magnificent growth in the Agricultural Sector & this was only done when Pakistan step out in the world & do Trade & Communicate with Foreign Countries.

Now let take an example of Cpec in Pakistan..!!

China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)  is the best example of  Globalization that how Pakistan step ahead in the modernize world & then now in the coming days Pakistan will become the most Economically Strong country in the Asia. This is what we realize that by the coordination of two countries Globally have a vast impact not only between China Pakistan but all over the World.

But when there is Light there is also a Shadow..!!

Because of globalization & exchange of goods people & the Environment often suffers like if any industry shift from Develop Country to under developing Country for sake of Cheap Labor force & Surplus revenue so the workers who are already working in that industry then often suffers & lose their jobs but contrary to this when industry would establish in developing county people got benefits in shape of Jobs.

Pollution causes by transportation for trade, Industrial waste & Gases causes ecological disorder & badly effect the Environment which ultimately causes “Global Warming”.

So therefore there are number of factors in Globalization which impact on all aspect of life. Probably there is a long chain of globalization in which both positive & negative part is included.

Finally what we have just realize in this short review of globalization that it is neither good nor bad  it just depend on the people that how they deal with new possibilities in Globalization for their Present & Future.

Thank you